Company Timeline

  1. City Electric Supply opening first USA store


    City Electric Supply (CES) paved the way for the road ahead by opening its first USA store in Tampa, Florida. A proud moment in CES history, this first store served the local community with a customer-first service dedication unlike any other electric supply store.

  2. City Electric Supply opening tenth USA branch


    It only took one year for CES to open its tenth USA branch in Deland, Florida. Located 125 miles from Tampa Central, CES now covered the entire region of southern Florida.

  3. City Electric Supply opening 50th branch


    Thirteen years after opening the first CES branch, a historical moment occurred with the opening of store number fifty. CES proudly shared the deep history of Summerville, South Carolina with its store.

  4. City Electric Supply opens branch 100


    In the first year of the twenty-first century, CES continued to offer customer-first service across the USA. CES’s branches hit the triple digits with the opening of branch number 100 in Mountain Industrial, Georgia.

  5. City Electric Supply opening 200 branches


    The rapid momentum of CES branch openings increased. It took seventeen years for CES to open its first 100 branches. The second 100 branch openings took just five years. In 2005, CES opened branch number 200 in Hinesville, Georgia.

  6. City Electric Supply opens 50 branches in one year


    Customer-first service paid off. CES proved this by opening fifty more branches in one year. In 2006, CES branch number 250 opened and began to serve the community of Crown Point, Indiana.

  7. City Electric Supply opens branch 300


    For the second time in our history, CES opened an additional fifty branches in just one year. Branch number 300 opened in Camp Bowie West, Texas.

  8. City Electric Supply opens branch 350


    Twenty-five years after opening the first USA CES branch in Tampa, CES opened branch number 350 in Morganton, North Carolina.

  9. CES North American Managers Conference 2014


    CES North American Managers Conference, with over 35 vendors and over 700 in attendance. September 12-15: Dallas, Texas

  10. City Electric Supply opens branch 400


    Celebrating our 400th Branch opening! CES Lenoir, NC opened its doors to the public making it the 400th Branch in operation. Its our commitment to quality service that keeps the CES Family growing strong.

  11. North American Managers Conference 2016


    For our second NAMC, we had over 750 attendees from all over North America. The weekend of June 10–13, a sea of CES/TES pride filled the Omni in Downtown Dallas for four days of learning, growth, sharing ideas, and connecting.

  12. Orientation ‘17


    In light of the company’s constant growth, training became a priority. CES spent many months building a program and officially launched orientation for all new hires. Within their first 90 days of employment, every single new hire will come to Dallas for two days of training to learn about the company, ensuring that every new employee has the opportunity to interact directly with some of the most senior individuals in the company.

  13. North American Managers Conference 2018


    CES hosted another North American Managers Conference, this time in the Gaylord Texan, with over 50 vendors and more than 1,200 in attendance. The NAMC event not only allowed us to celebrate our achievements and recognize the many people that make the success of our company possible, but also gave us a forum to align our vision for the future with all of our stakeholders — branch teams, vendors, and agents.

    In 2018, CES also celebrated the opening of its 450th branch!

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